Shawnee Lookout

Todd and I visited Shawnee Lookout park a few days ago when the temperatures soared and it felt like spring.  As you saw in the previous post, we ran into some nice fowl folks while visiting the lookout.  The park is over 1500 acres of hills, wetlands and trails.  It sits in the southwestern section of the state, butting up against Kentucky and Indiana.  The Great Miami River meets the Ohio River in the park creating an important habitat for many waterfowl.  Also, located on the site are many native burial mounds and an old frontier house and school.

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Field mouse view.

Winter view.


Lush carpet.

Todd cam.

Forever leaning.


These boots are made for walking.

The Great Miami River.


Resting place.

Waiting for Spring.

Spittin’ distance to Indiana.

Down yonder.

Coming up: Miami Ft. Trail, The house and school, and Shawnee tree art.

53 responses to “Shawnee Lookout

  1. My Dad took us to Daniel Boones homestead when I was 14. I fell in love with Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, the whole region, so different from So Cal. I ended up marrying a man from Illinois, too!

  2. Seth: I was very pl.eased to see these images…I’m a great fan of the now deceased, Alan W. Eckert, famous historical fiction novelist. Forgive me if you are aware of him and his work, but if not, you would do well to get a copy of, That Dark and Bloody River, the Ohio, which depicts the settlement of the Ohio rive valley. I have a copy in my hand.

  3. I remember the Sjawnee Indians from old films in the 1950’s. Was this lookout named after a place where people ‘looked out’ for them, or somewhere that the Shawnee used to look out from, I wonder? Regards, Pete.

  4. love them all as usual!!! having said that I particularly like the Todd cam…the way you took the photo through the fence with Todd in front of the building…nicely done Seth… 🙂

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