Come with me to Miami Fort Trail

Come with me along a winding trail that meanders through trees, alongside hills and next to ancient resting places.  A place where people have loved, lived and died.  Listen closely as their voices are thrown to the wind, preserved by the trees in their trunks, released only occasionally for those chosen to follow the path.  Share the experience of the sun warming your face just like it did for the explorers from the east.  Remember what was before, live what is now and imagine what will be as you wander along.

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Scenes along the way.


Peaking through.

Ohio River: Kentucky over yonder, Indiana to the right and Ohio all behind you.


Down, around and up.

Natural potter.

Mind the hill.

What’s next.

Beautiful skies.

Scary or magical?

Let’s explore.

Follow me.


End of the world.

Who needs a gym?

Perfect lighting.

63 responses to “Come with me to Miami Fort Trail

  1. Gorgeous photos ~ they make me think of all sorts of poems about woods.

    Here’s a haiku you’ve inspired!

    tread your woodland trail
    while you can see winter’s sky
    calling out for srping

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  3. I really like the 2nd photo. It looks like the trees are stretching their “arms” up and outward. I think the curve of the rock in the foreground and the slight curve of the ground give me that impression. Good composition 🙂

  4. You have some (some? Gosh, tons!) of amazing photos. Lyrical, poetic, sensitive, just plain gorgeous photos. I take pics for my blog but I am way out of your league. Thank you for dropping in on me so that I could meet you!

  5. they are all amazing photos Seth…I particularly like the ones like “follow me”, “rustic”, “who needs a gym”…the effect used is beautiful!

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