Beautiful day to be alive

It’s cold.  Actually, it’s beyond cold.  The wind rips through me, filling my body with shivers.  Even my bones feel cold.  But the sun is bright in the sky, offering a bit of warmth.  And the birds are singing their morning melodies.  The sky is painted a chipper blue.  I feel lucky to have a nice warm home, a good book and a bit to eat.  I feel blessed to have a fire that warms me and I feel honored to cuddle with mamaw’s old homemade cotton quilt.  The day is mine and that is beautiful.

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abominable tree man

Abominable tree man


Baylee paw

Pensive Jackson

Out of place

Chipper blue

Line in the snow

Sour cream

Christmas tree factory

Yankee cotton

63 responses to “Beautiful day to be alive

  1. stunning winter gallery again .. and it’s truly lovely to see the blue sky again … my pick has to be: Line in the snow. Jackson, is he your dog ??? … no wonder that you are out and about in all weathers. I wish you a pleasant weekend.

  2. I try to remind myself of the “holiness” of each day, regardless of the weather. Good, bad, or otherwise – this day will never come again. And good on you for getting out there and shooting pics in the cold weather!

  3. It’s funny how even though it can be cold (painfully cold), it makes me remember that I’m alive. Seems like you guys got some of the Arctic blast too, but these pictures are stunning as always! Well done Seth! (Give Jackson a head rub for me)

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