Mother Nature-The Prankster

Mother Nature entertained us this week with a ride on her weather coaster, which some might say represented her moodiness. I think she is simply bored and likes to pull a prank or two.  Whatever her reason, it made for a thrilling week.  From cold to wet and from wet to warm we’ve seen a bit of all seasons in a few days.  It’s cold again, bitterly cold in fact.  And snow has returned.  I think Mother Nature is off pranking somewhere else.

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Leaf bomb

Leaf bomb

The snow dance

Really M.N.? Really?


94 responses to “Mother Nature-The Prankster

  1. great set…love the mail box…yes, mother nature is pulling pranks here as well…bitterly cold and windy again today after yesterday which was rather warm & rained all day???

  2. Same wild weather here in Virginia – 20 degrees to 60; snow to sun to tornados to deluge of rain and finally to major flooding in Radford, today. (and you have no idea how hard it was for me to be stuck in the office today and not be able to photograph the power of all that water!!).

  3. Do you ever make a mistake and take a bad shot…LOL (Kidding) Your pictures are always so pleasing to the eye and unique! 😀

  4. I live an ocean away from you (France) and we’re having the same weather! From – 5° to 10° and back to snow next week! What’s up with that? And how on earth do you find time to post so often and answer the comments?

  5. Hi Seth,
    Hey a commenter from France follows another one… Like Henrietta said it has been also up and down. Almost two weeks ago, I went to Paris one morning and there was still snow everywhere.
    So, you are right; Mother nature is pulling some tricks on us.
    As always, beautiful and thoughtful captures 😉

  6. Mother nature is SUCH a prankster this week! My post yesterday was basically saying the same thing. I mean, we went from -40 degrees Celcius a few days ago, to +10 degrees and raining!! Today, it’s back to -20-something… truthfully, I much prefer the +10 😉 You captured some great shots of this weather. Thanks for sharing.

  7. NJ weather has been schizophrenic too. When I picked my daughter up from school on Wednesday it was 66 degrees, yesterday at the same time it was 41 degrees. Today we won’t make it out of the low 30s with possible snow. Great pics.

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