The line in the sky

A fierce battle is brewing in the sky today.  A line has been drawn.  On one side Old Man Winter is holding his ground preparing for the fight.  On the other is the dark force of Global Warming.  This week the battle will rage and the dark force will gain a bit more ground as temperatures in Ohio will reach the 70’s in January.   As we putter around this Friday in shorts and tee-shirts instead of parkas and long-johns we might be thinking to ourselves, “Ain’t this weather great!”  But what we should be thinking is, “Something ain’t right, y’all.”

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92 responses to “The line in the sky

  1. I really like the 2nd and 7th photos, as well as the lone tree. The second photo has such soft textures (and I really love when dried plants preserve some of their hairs and puffs through the winter). The shimmer of sun in the corner is lovely as well! Solitary trees have a certain appealing aura to them… I started to paint one after spotting a particularly unique character persisting in growing, even against the ground. Alone in an otherwise plain field (pun not intended), they are irresistible to look at, and force you to think about their details and their personalities. I’m not sure about this particular tree, but I like the idea. 🙂 Hope you’re well!

  2. Such gorgeous photos! I love the 9th one – the lone tree. And you are absolutely correct – we should be saying ‘something ain’t right here’… Here in Oz, we are fighting a different battle, but caused in part by the same forces of Global Warming as your strange winter. We have extreme heat and bushfire.

  3. Last winter we had a very mild winter in my neck of the woods. The year before that we saw more snow than I would care to see in ten lifetimes. It’s gotten bitterly cold again, finally. The warm weather lasted longer than it usually does this year. The weather has gone utterly mad.

  4. Something ain’t right is not far off the mark. Down here in the Southern hemisphere we are in the middle of summer (yay!), but the temperatures are going off the scales. One upside – great photo opportunities. Once again well shot Seth!

    • Yes, we’ve had a bit of snow. But 70’s, in Jan? Even in Tennessee where I grew up (spitin’ distance to Alabama) 70’s in Jan is really oddly warm.

  5. It’s pretty scary. Here in Australia has been experiencing pretty crazy weather from one extreme to another. I think I will move back to New Zealand where I’m from, at least over there it’s a bit more stable hehe

  6. This winter has by far been the hottest in AZ since I can remember. It didn’t even go into the 80’s until late October, and was barely into the 40’s-50’s by Christmas. I definitely sense the change and love your pictures. Good read 🙂

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  8. the jet streams and Hadley cells seem to be cattywampus, yes. :-\ still unusually cold over here in northern California. but hey, next week, we could trade, who knows. keep the winter clothes handy.

  9. Not gonna get into the Global Climate Change debate other than this; we love the beautiful weather photo ops, sure. But the natural environment (flora and fauna) will take a few hundred hears to adjust to new seasonal patterns (blink of an eye for them in the big picture). We will be given more photo opportunities for weather-related disasters (hurricanes, 100yr floods, duststorms, etc.) and a few hundred years to adapt may as well be eternity for our political/economic way of life.

  10. Seth: You got that right. Something is really off balance this winter…this year has been a mess.

  11. isn’t that a unique sky…I’ve seen that phenomenon a few times while driving, but never that colourful or striking…usually what I’ve seen was ominous looking…of course the photos with the tree silhouettes and the lone tree would top my list…:~)

    I hear you about the weather…we’ve had weird weather patterns here as well…makes me wonder????

  12. That really is a line in the sky. Almost looks like the clouds are mountains. Crazy. Yeah the weather has been crazy in NY too. Spent a week with freezing temperatures, a little bit of snow. Then it warmed up. Yesterday I walked my dog in just a light sweater.

  13. Last week we were freezing, but this week it’s supposed to be in 60’s & 70’s but with rain. I hate rainy days… LOL. Your pictures are lovely. Is this Alabama or Ohio?

  14. Hi Seth,
    I believe you. It has been mild here; I even have a few flowers on a bush in the garden and had my daisies left from last summer that had flowers before Xmas.
    No snow for us so far…
    The subject is very serious and the contrasts in color bring this out, naturally.

  15. The trees I am not so much into, but pictures of any sky are awesome to me. Nice blog! Thanks for the visit!

  16. Weirdly after seeing this yesterday there was a similar cloud pattern here this morning. I share your concern about global warming – the Aussie meteorologists had to create a new temperature band this week – it’s quite worrying the extreme heat we’re getting here & the fire season has already been really severe.

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