Field’s story

The fields around here seem uniform and mundane. But if you stop and explore them, you’ll soon discover that each is unique and has a story to tell.  If you listen real close, sounds of good ole days, swimming time, tending crops and deer shindigs can be heard floating in the breeze.  And listen even closer, you’ll hear tales of the Native Americans floating from the ground. You might even catch sight of a field mouse or rabbit hurrying about their day.  And who knows what secrets can be discovered just over the rise or just beyond the tree line.  Want to find out? Take a drive or a walk down a country lane and enjoy the slideshow of fields.

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Tree Hill

Old rusty

Frozen view

My favorite field

Yellow winter

In the distance

Mark what is mine

Meeting place

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

Land beyond time


Hidden in the valley


Ice skating anyone?


Bed of nails

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.

Behind the old stump

Green monster attack

Melting away

Sunny day

Closer look

Just over yonder


My best friend

111 responses to “Field’s story

  1. Nice photos! And I really like your photos of Eaton, Ohio (in the gallery). They make me want to visit so I can see all the colorful and the historic buildings in the town.

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