Full Moon November

Tonight there is a beautiful full moon.  The moon is heavy in the sky like a fat ripe tomato hanging low on the vine.  Again it speaks to me.  Tonight it tells me things that I already assumed true to be true.  That my gut was indeed correct and I shouldn’t be surprised.  It speaks of the hard winter ahead and is validated by the cold crisp northern breeze.  But despite the dreary days ahead, it speaks of a promising time not that far off in the future.  Once past the cold cold winter, the awakening will begin again.  Soon, green fields dotted with red, yellows and purples will replace the brown earth.  The cold northern wind will be replaced by the relaxing, friendlier southern breeze.  The sun will again arrive early and stay late.  It’s just a matter of time the moon says.  Stay the course.

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Winter warning

158 responses to “Full Moon November

  1. That was the last full Moon of the 26.000 year precession The Great Year, another cycle begins.Good Pic’s

  2. Amazing pictures. Thanks for stopping by myblog. It gave me the chance to visit your work. I really like it. Will visit again.

  3. Loved this post. Every night I take my little dog out for her last walk down the garden and I look up to the sky. It is a beautiful end to each day. I love the crisp nights with a frost on my roof and a full moon in the sky. I am always disappointed when there is so much cloud that the stars and moon are hidden, but recently it has been very clear and cold. I loved this post x

  4. Thanks for stopping by, your November moon is a lot clearer than mine 🙂 And you’re right, the seasons come and go in their time.
    It feels like it’s going to be a harsh to me too.

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  6. Hi there 🙂 Your work is very gentle, I can’t wait to see more. Initially, I thought the images wouldn’t get any bigger, but after further investigation.. Lo and behold! You managed to get a fairly detailed capture: beautiful.

  7. I love full moons – I really enjoy going out for walks under them.

    Can’t wait for spring myself – I hate winter whereas spring is my favourite time of year. I love it when the leaves start to come back onto the trees, the flowers come out and everywhere is that beautiful bright spring green 🙂

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