Summer Scenes:Brighton

When I was a flight attendant at Delta back in the late 90’s early 00’s, I had the opportunity to spend many wonderful days in Brighton at the Metropole Hotel.  There was a lovely lady there, I believe her name was Maureen, who used to meet with the crew and offer us coffee and hot chocolate while we waited for our rooms.  Everyone adored chatting with her and she was full of useful information.  I used to love getting lost in Brighton.  There are so many interesting spots to find and explore.  This is the layover, I miss the most.

Back in 2005 on a trip to England, I was insistent that we take a stop in Brighton.  I wanted Todd to experience the beautiful seaside city.  While we were there, the sun was bright, the air was warm and people were everywhere enjoying the beautiful weather.  If ever in England, you must take a visit to Brighton.

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Brighton Fountain

Lovely day

Picnic anyone?

Todd and Ryan(His brother) enjoying the streets of Brighton.

Todd pensive

Looking up

Crowded beach

Beautiful sea

British green.

Flower box

Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion

Brighton view

109 responses to “Summer Scenes:Brighton

  1. Nice one, Seth. This is/was my home town – born and raised – but not lived there for twenty five years now. Was back there this weekend to say hellos. Much colder than in your pics, but just as much charm.

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