Preble Stroll: Finale

As I say goodbye to Eaton, I promise her that I’ll be back soon.  Eaton is a nice afternoon stroll, a bit of town in the middle of the country, a big ole “Welcome to Ohio” as folks venture across the Indiana border and finally, it’s family as Todd’s parents call her home.

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School windows

Pork festival




Old times not forgotten



The clock

Country Courthouse

Close up



Last grasp of fall


59 responses to “Preble Stroll: Finale

  1. Your little tour has me remembering some lovely scenes of hiking the nearby Twin Creek back when I was a Boy Scout. Somehow, Preble County always felt a bit special in an unpretentious way.

  2. I love what you’re doing with colour. It’s something that I’m trying to play with a bit more, but I rarely have the patience! 🙂

  3. All of these pictures are amazing the colour and the feeling oozing from each one. I have a couple of favourites but love them all! 😀

  4. The one called Christmas and the red car are awesome!
    I notice you are very often using some kind of vivid-colour and color-exclusion settings so are these done with a point-and-shoot or your DSLR ?

    • These are DSLR. But, sometimes, I like the contrast that high color and one color give me. I use a program called FXstudio to do this. Do you like them this way?

      • Ah okey, I know FXStudio and use often! But I have a point-and-shoot Canon Ixus that has both these features as built-in presets : )

        I have not used them much so far as I don’t do much photography anymore but looking at your work I’m getting motivated to try them out.

  5. It’s the Christmas with the red berries and barbed wire more than all the lights (seriously a week early, guys!) in the preceding post that hinted me into the season.

  6. I LOVE the clock. And i love just the general feel of the town seeping through the pictures. I feel as if I’m on the streets right there with ya. Great work with these pictures.

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