Lebanon: Christmas lights

I had the chance to stop off in Lebanon, prior to work this evening.  Lebanon is the county seat for the county I live in. (Warren)  This time of year, the city center is alight with Christmas decorations.  Tonight was a perfect time to capture Lebanon’s Christmas cheer.  It was a beautiful night, with lights sparkling and a cool breeze blowing.  The moon also showed up and waved hello.  It was checking out the downtown area.

Even though I only had a brief time to capture the beauty that is Lebanon at Christmas, I was able to rekindle some of that old holiday spirit. So tonight, Lebanon was just the medicine I needed to jump start my holiday joy.

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Holiday Time

Lonely wreath

Library is in the spirit

Famous Golden Lamb

Window shopping

O Christmas Tree

Moon over Lebanon

Moon visits Town Hall.


96 responses to “Lebanon: Christmas lights

  1. Looks like a lovely place.

    They’ve been setting up the the main square here in Brno for Christmas over the last week or so. I think the Christmas market officially opens next weekend.

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  3. Lebanon Christmas lights
    While holiday night unfolds in a small town called Lebanon,
    holiday times marked with the grand pine tree lit up in its centre.

    Lonely wreaths luminously hanging from the light post amid bare trees,
    and public library with its fast collection of literary stories of Christmas past.

    As the Golden Lamb shelters notables traveling amid Cincinnati and Columbus,
    windows shopping for the gleeful eyes of holiday shoppers with wishful list to fill.

    O Christmas tree O Christmas tree how I may say your decorations are so fine,
    while the moon looks over Lebanon here in Ohio as well as the others in the world.

    Visiting on this clear night the town hall whom tells of time passing leisurely yet so hastily.
    may your dreams be sweet and your future bright. Marry Christmas to all, to all a good night.

  4. Beautiful!!! I’m trying to capture Christmas lights at night here, too…but I only have a digital camera, & my results are not so good right now! Ha! My son is trying to walk me through it! Great post, Seth!

  5. Ah i just commented on your previous post about how i love holiday decorations. So i was all giddy for this post. FYI, if you post future entries of decorations you got a view out of me for sure : D

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  7. Beautiful work. Being a fellow Buckeye (but transplanted) I really appreciated “Holiday Time.” That could be one of so many communities in that state — I know, I grew up in one of them.

    And the “Lonely Wreath” brought it all home. You can feel the crisp night and sense the warmth of the hearth. Beautiful. Thanks.

  8. beautiful images, from the title I thought it would be a post about Lebanon in the Middle East … 😉

  9. Beaitiful the Moon 🙂
    The open letter to the Moon

    You have requested the Moon don’t quit
    From our solar system
    For you my friend
    And providing you with its orbit
    This timeless message
    Do you not see
    Gaze in full moon
    By its mysterious first
    These insidious torment
    Forgive its foreign nature
    That’s how to be specific
    It has widespread disorder in your life
    Did you try to understand it
    Share its lunar tides ras
    The measurable silence by the human soul
    That affects the time able
    but with the acquisition of transcendence
    The trajectory useless sneaks
    Do you see not at years lights
    There is enough of all this
    Your concern too many ‘ hear
    In the end I realized
    All this Capernaum that is incumbent upon me
    This well-intentioned breccia
    Be aware of the immensity
    Anything that fills a life to be
    Oh! thee Moon, my well loved
    Of thy ineffable presence
    I carry in me the flame
    Unconditional gasoline
    I claimed the Lunar power
    You have requested the Moon do not leave

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