As far east as one could go

The easternmost city in the U.S.

Greetings from Lubec the sign on the old barn said as we drove into the eastern most city in the United States. It was a bit of a gloomy day when Todd, Jackson and I made our appearance.

The town was empty and Todd and I were able to explore while Jackson took the scent excursion. You can see Canada across the water. In fact, Todd almost accidentally drove us across the bridge into Maple Leaf territory. He missed the “Entering Canada” sign and I had to yell at him to pull off the road. He did just before it was too late. Canada is closed. Though I imagine as nice as Canadians are, they would have just politely asked us to do a turnaround and thanked us as we did.

If you’ve been to Lubec, let us know what it’s like during “normal” times.

2 responses to “As far east as one could go

  1. This is very cool ! We were supposed to go to Maine this year but you know…………..and yes you are right ! We would have asked you to go back apologizing all the while ! haha It looks like an interesting spot to explore.

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