Expressions left by those before us can be found in every place.  Some are considered ugly, unattractive and even a nemesis.  Regardless of the aesthetics, all art speaks.

What's the message?

What’s the message?

Cracking under pressure.

Clean slate.

Location: Ault park, Cincinnati, Ohio: Valley trail. Railroad bridge near Old Red Bank Road.

14 responses to “Expressions

  1. years ago I took a picture of the passing train and published it. In the comments some people claimed that the graffiti was ugly one of them said hey that’s my artwork I did that years ago and when on to explain what the meaning behind it was

  2. You have such a fabulous eye Seth!!! I have to run to meet my mother (whom I take care of and help out a lot) and I’m already late! These are fabulous pictures, as always… I’ll try to catch up soon!

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