The view from here

Mother Nature welcomed in 2014 with a slap.  Snow, more snow and now we will be living in a freezer until further notice.  This morning, as I was debating whether to make the trek to work, I took a few pictures.  What do you think I decided?

Welcome 2014.

Welcome 2014.

Hiding place.

Raw edges of beauty.

Anyone care for a dip?

Just beyond.

The trees have fingers.

Note: These were taken early morning.  The blue in “Just beyond” is the actual color of the morning, no filter was added.  In the others,  I chose to take most of the “blue” out. 

97 responses to “The view from here

  1. Well, it is so pretty from a distance! Good luck staying warm. The one winter I lived through a blizzard, I learned how distance is a great filter on whether weather is good, bad, pretty, overwhelming. Hang in there.

    • I did this morning but not just because of the snow but because I am trying to get over this cold as well. I am off to work in the morning though. Blowing snow will make for a fun Friday drive. But hey, it’s Friday. 🙂

      • Winter weather is hazardous to your health!!! We checked the weather back home in Sussex County, NJ…high of 12 degrees & snowing!
        Lovely to be here in FL…though it was a bit windy & chilly for us this am!!

        Be safe on the snowy roads…feel better…Happy Friday!!

  2. The snow looks good….but as soon as it arrives over here in the U.K. (and we have had none sop far this winter) we will of course start complaining. At least it would be a change from the gales and heavy rains of late. So enjoy whilst you can. Best wishes

  3. These are such peaceful beautiful photos. Wish I were there. Your calendar arrived today!! Thanks so much, it’s even better in the flesh. 🙂

  4. These are wonderful! I particularly like the first two… thanks for sharing! We’re sweltering through very hot weather in Australia so these look even more cool and crisp!

  5. Ah, I see you guys got pounded with snow too! That’s us over here right now. (NJ) We’re still getting it until about 10AM.
    Absolutely gorgeous shots, Seth.

    The early morning made everything glow.

  6. Just Beyond is my favorite.

    I looked out my window this morning and was glad to be able to work from home today. The snow is beautiful, but I’d rather view it through a window than go out in it.

  7. Quite pretty for snow. Especially like the one with the red barn.

    You didn’t go into work because of the very snowy roads, citing you were still shoveling your driveway and that the end of your street had a pretty tall drift making it very difficult to get out. Of course, your boss does not know this blog exists because he/she is too busy playing “Candy Crush” all day long. 🙂

      • Candy Crush reminds me of the old Centipede game by Atari. I’ve never played online games because they cost money. Call me cheap in that regard. 😉

  8. Wow, these are wonderful! These have a peaceful, quiet feel to them. I love the early morning and the way the light hits. You did a terrific job capturing that light. A great start to 2014!

    Sending you wishes for a great New Year!

  9. hello! What a beautiful serie of pictures you took ~ I can’t wait to see more 😉 thanks for visiting my blog, glad to see you liked you post!
    Happy writing!

  10. Hello Seth Snap! Many thanks for your Like, much appreciated. Amazing site and great picture of the full moon. It looks most eerie whilst keeping its secrets hidden. Or not. But that, as they say, is another story. Thanks again. Best to you, and don’t forget your thermals! R

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