City of bridges

We love our bridges in these parts. We show this by painting them fun colors, like yellow and purple.  We name them as we see them.  We cross them often, moving between cultures.  They define who we’ve been, who we are and where we are going.  They connect us and make us a family.  They connect North and South.

Red bed.

Red bed.


Big Mac.

Big Mac out zoom.

Years of passing energy.

Purple People Bridge.

Crisscrossing lives.


49 responses to “City of bridges

  1. These are beautiful bridges. The colours male them look like a drawing…Really… Yellow and blue bridges? They are really crisscrossing lives.

  2. love the shots! love bridges too, you should take a trip to Portland Oregon sometime, in one or two miles, they have 10 or more bridges, all different, some really old, some new…it’s cool. just chaos from a distance! 🙂

  3. Bridges are really cool, I didn’t grow up around a lot of them, but living on Long Island, I’ve got several. and I love going over them each and every time!

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  5. I don’t think I’d be happy living in a city without a large body of water: ocean, lake, or river, or even canals. They make the landscape so much more interesting! (Although, as a person from Vancouver, a city of bridges and tunnels, I can attest that these things do contribute to traffic problems.)

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