Mr. B Bird’s Domain

Mr B Bird a NZ Tui

We pulled up to the port in Auckland just after a beautiful sunrise. It was our first time in the area and we were excited to get off the ship and explore.

We boarded a bus at the terminal and headed not into the city, but into the surrounding countryside. Our first stop was to the Arataki Visitor’s Center.

Arataki Visitor’s Center, New Zealand

Indigenous art welcomed us into the center. The art also showed us where to see beautiful overlooks of Auckland.

After spending some time enjoying the visitor’s center we moved on to our next stop, a beautiful black sand beach. The tour guide warned us of rogue waves that sweep people away forever. But fortunately we didn’t encounter any.

Phia Beach

Finally, we made a stop at a local trail where Mr. B Bird, his friends and local plant life greeted us to their beautiful home in the Waitakere Mountain area.

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