Arches of Mt St-Michel

Everywhere you look in that place on the hill in France, you find majestic arches.  Many share space with the clouds.  Others are more down to earth.  But regardless of their size, they all make you feel like royalty as you pass through them.


To see more photos, click here.

9 responses to “Arches of Mt St-Michel

  1. This is home, Seth! I was born and grew up very close to the Mt. Saint Michel. In fact, it was a traditional end of the year school field trip for me and my classmates, back in elementary school. I’ve returned a few times when I had moved to Paris. Once in the winter, I stayed overnight. Under the fog, with the wind blowing against the shutters at night, it felt a whole different place and experience. There were so few people. In more recent years when I took my born-American kids it was often very crowded. They loved it, though. Who would not like such a unique place? I hope that you got a chance to eat a crepe or maybe one of the amazing omelets at La Mère Poulard.

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