Beautiful Bruges

The color, the history, the water and the chocolate mix together to make a silky smooth beautiful place called Bruges.  Oh and I forgot to throw the Swans in that mixture.  They do add a bit of sass to the place.


To see more of my photos of Bruges, visit here.

18 responses to “Beautiful Bruges

  1. We were to visit Bruges on a recent trip but weather prevented it. I feel like we missed something judging from your photos.

  2. Old European architecture is so amazing. I visited Nuremberg and had difficulty assimilating the modern bustle of the city with the ancient buildings.

  3. My favorite place for a short trip away from Paris, so close and yet so different. I’ve heard it’s so much more popular now than it was in the late 80s, but your photos still take me back to those long, dreamy, quiet weekends. Glad you enjoyed too.

      • I always drove, so it took me about 3 hours. Not bad, at least back then. I suspect traffic can be heavier now, but it’s only 300 kilometers away. You go through Lille and it’s a pretty straight shot.

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