Swan’s view

My camera went missing for an hour or so while Todd and I visited Bruges, Belgium.  We looked furiously around for the missing Nikon.  Just as we were about to give up hope, we spotted it.

It had been swiped by an artsy swan.  It took all our cunning ways to convince the swan to give it back.  And being a man of my word, I present to you, A Swan’s View of Bruges.


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      • I loved the entire experience involved in being in such a gorgeous place. One of the things I remember, was looking at a beautiful building and a man asking if I wanted to come into the courtyard. So, we walked in to learn that there was a very modern building behind the facade of this gorgeous, historic building. I was so impressed that they cared enough to keep the history alive. I also liked walking around and feeling safer than in Brussels which was way too packed with tourists for me.

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