On a rainy Spring day, Todd and I founds ourselves exploring the Dutch port city of  Rotterdam.  It was King’s day and everyone was dressed in Orange.

My Dutch brother, Martin, met us at the old Holland America headquarters.  From there, we spent several hours catching up and reliving fun memories. While we didn’t get to explore as much as we would have liked, what we saw of Rotterdam was wonderful.


18 responses to “Rotterdam

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  2. A lovely city, I’ve been there. Unlike Amsterdam which has preserved a lot of its traditional architecture Rotterdam was heavily bombed by the Nazis and had to focus on rebuilding itself thus the focus on modern buildings and modernity. Friendly people too!

  3. Thanks Seth….absolutely wonderful pictures! Their architecture is wonderful….and I have not heard of King’s Day before! Sounds like fun! thanks again, Barbara xxx

  4. I love Rotterdam. My son lived there for a few years and we were lucky enough to visit him before he moved to London, England. I was fascinated with all the bridges and the modern architecture (so different from Amsterdam).

  5. My daughter is just back from presenting at a conference there and loved the city very much. She tried to pack as much as she could during her breaks and managed to see quite a lot in fact. Her photos are gorgeous too. Glad you had a great time in this part of Europe.

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