Hamlet’s place

Todd, Britt (my Danish sister) and I went for a ride north of Copenhagen.  We drove next to the sea and watched as Sweden waved back at us from the other side.  When we reached our destination, we found ourselves in Shakespeare’s world.  Many of us know it as Elsinore but in the real world it’s called Kronborg.

The day was cool and rainy.  And it seemed to fit the great former fortress, castle and barracks.  We were unable to visit the interior of the great place as we arrived a bit too late.  But the grounds were worth the visit.

To view more photos of Kronborg Castle, please visit here.

12 responses to “Hamlet’s place

  1. Lovely photos, I think you arrived just in time. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – Hamlet

  2. Dear Seth,

    Hi. I have followed your blog for a while now. This email had been lying in my inbox for a while. I saw Hamlet and Shakespeare in the same sentence, I couldn’t resist myself from reading the email. Now, I know I have exams around the corner, and the better idea would be to study, but i’m caught in your photographs. A very dear friend of mine studies in Denmark. I see these photographs and imagine him here, and miss these places. Although I’ve never seen them. They’re so clean and neat. Here in India, we’re cloistered, and close, too close. I don’t know what you’d think of that, and how would you capture that in your photographs, but I seem to love that proximity. It feels like there could be no character to places like Delhi or Mumbai if it wasn’t for them imposing themselves on you. I wish you came to India and captured it for all its mess and beauty. The chai (local drink) is the most welcoming, in heat or rain.

    Regards, Ghania.



    • Ghania
      I would love to visit India. All the colors, history, places and people would keep my camera eye busy. India is so large, I wouldn’t know where to start. Thank you for you beautiful words!

  3. I am finding you for the first time because I found a notification that you have started following my blog. Who is this wonderful person, I ask myself? What do my wandering eyes behold, wonderful photographs of an adventure that I can enjoy too. Liking what I find, I am hoping on board to follow along with you. Looking forward to a great blog ride.

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