Chandeliers of Christiansborg

In the heart of the heart of the happiest place on earth lies a magnificent resting place of glowing ember artworks. I was lucky enough to pay this place a quick visit a few days ago.

The gigantic staircases greet you with the style and pizzazz that only a Dane can offer.  The paintings speak to you about times pasts. But more about that later.  The main attraction is the glorious army of chandeliers.

There are many and they are all magnificent.

To view more of these marvelous creatures, please visit here.

Todd and I have many more places, people and things to show you from our 2018 Transatlantic adventure. Hope you stick around.

18 responses to “Chandeliers of Christiansborg

  1. So good to find one of your posts landing in my Inbox again, Seth. It has been a while, but the come back is spectacular. These chandeliers can only remind me of the French chandeliers that decorate the French castles and other landmarks. I’ve been to Denmark when I lived in France, so many years ago now…

    • Yes it’s great to see you again. How have you been? I need to write more and I intended to share more of our recent trip. I love those old castles in France. I studied in Tours for a summer while I was in college and got to see some magnificent ones. On this trip, Todd and I stopped at Mont St Michel and so I will have some of those to share. It was my second time there. Amazing place.

      • Doing well, Seth. Still writing with three projects close to publication. The Mont St Michel is my childhood backyard. I went there on school field trips. It’s one short away from where my mother still lives. And Tours is a lovely town. I like Angers a lot too. Looking forward to admiring your photos. Always a real treat. Do you intend to make a 2019 calendar with them? That would be great:)

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  3. There was a chandelier that looked like a fidget spinner (I saw on your photoshelter site), ha ha! I also liked your Swan’s View of Bruges album; I didn’t go on a boat tour, so it’s good to see what perspective I would have got if I had.

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