Rome:Where it all started

After a trek from the train station to the hotel (two, we went to the wrong hotel the first attempt), we set out to find food. We found some in this square.

We arrived early in the morning. We were both tired.  It had been a hectic couple of weeks preparing for the trip.  How exciting it was exploring Rome.  Neither of us had been before.  Perhaps we were seeing the place that our ancestors had looked upon.  The next few posts will be some photos and thoughts about our shot day in Rome . I hope you enjoy.

It was early summer and the buds were all new.

We met a few local birds. They were all too eager to help us explore.

I find the blue in this window speaks to me.

A forbidden love?

I watched as he was intently reading. I could only imagine what drew his interest.

I imagine that these three guys are life long pals who are all now electricians enjoying a lunch break together.

Up Next: The Oldest of the old city. 

14 responses to “Rome:Where it all started

  1. Rome is such an amazing city. Your photos and captions make me want to return soon! Glad you had the opportunity to go to Italy and bring us closer to the beauty of this unique place.

    • I agree. We were only there for one day before our cruise started. We only saw a wee bit but it made us long to go back. What is your favorite part of Rome?

      • Woah that’s a tough question, Seth. In all honesty I loved everything. I’ve been to Italy three times when I lived in France. I drove each time. So I saw most of Italy but Naples. I favor Florence to Rome but only because I got to see more around the city. Also Rome was very warm for the French girl I was back then!
        Because I love old things and places and history I felt home in the heart of Rome. When I travel I love taking the time to sit down and watch life going on around me. In Italy it’s quite fascinating to observe the people. And if you can do that while eating a pizza or melone prosciutto or still drinking a cappuccino, it’s close to paradise:)
        Hope to return one day!

    • I wonder why it speaks to us? Maybe it’s because we like the color? Maybe someone from beyond the grave is communicating with you? Thanks for your comment.

      • Interesting. Art in any form is so subjective. I don’t particularly gravitate to blue, but there is something rich and royal in that color. Almost inviting. Beyond the grave isn’t really my thing, other than Jesus in heaven…and he does communicate with me, and maybe that is the thing for me…Thanks for the dialogue!

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