Someone else

Snap shot

Snap shot

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live as someone else? I do.

39 responses to “Someone else

  1. I do.

    There’s an obscure spoken-word piece by David Byrne, named “Social Studies”, that explores this question. It starts off by pointing out that when people travel, they believe that eating the local foods will help them understand the local people. “As if the point of view was somehow in the food”. It goes on to say that he sometimes feels the urge to walk off with someone else’s groceries, so that he could live a life identical to that other person’s life. “As long as the groceries lasted”.

    Anyway, that’s what this post reminded me of.

  2. All the time. I look in windows as I pass by and imagine what other people’s lives might be like. There’s a great book along these lines: Every Day by David Levithan. He wakes up as a different person every day.

  3. This is fabulous! It is an interesting question – and yes I do wonder at times – I might guess we all do (at times).

  4. Guess the next question would be … who would you want to be and why? The answer is the insight into what you are missing in your world. Add that and you are golden!

  5. Hope all is well in your world. It’s been a long time since your last post and I’ve missed your beautiful photos. When people leave their curtains open at night and I can see into their homes I often wonder what they’re up to. Not so sure I’d want to be them but I am curious.

  6. There’s a fancy apartment tower next to the building I work in. Tennis court, swimming pool, and open balconies. I have asked myself this question a few times.

  7. I love to view the camera angles and shots from WordPress photographers who have the superior equipment to make subjects so revealing and stunning!

    Living as someone else…Well, no; probably because I enjoy Fiction and inventing characters too much to spend time wondering who else I might be — that person wouldn’t invent the same people…!

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