It’s back

It came back yesterday with a blast, knocking us down with winds and smacking our faces with ice.

Slappin' around

Slappin’ around


Freezing out.

Blue waves.

Alone for the season.

14 responses to “It’s back

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  2. Greg

    You are a nice fellow but have a weird way of keeping me in suspense; it’s summer in Oz now, like in SA. I see something about Ohio in small print at the bottom and that would make sense. What is back? I assume you mean winter; but that must mean winter in Ohio? Don’t do this to me while I fight Velocity Trade. I have now picked their tracks up in Brazil; same story as here. Give me a hand will ya?

    • Ike, this was a reblog and you’ve posted on the original blog, which is why I didn’t see you comment on my blog.
      ‘It’s back’ means it’s winter in Sethsnap’s part of the world again, In mine as in yours it’s summer. These ice-laden pics will help me keep cool in the days of heat and relentless blue sky that lie head…

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