My winding path

My life feels like a winding path, leading to the same place, or maybe not.  It’s a walk by a river, always moving, always the same.  It’s the bumps and cracks that show up on my ever changing face, when I realize the face I see in the mirror is not the same face I see in my head.

The long road.

Have I been here before?

Rushing of things.

The same place.

Caught between flows.

Losing of one’s self.

Pops of life.

They multiple.



Ever changing.

32 responses to “My winding path

  1. The winding path so curved and green
    Have you seen 🙂 this before
    Each time walk on curving lines
    Between the shades of trees so fresh and clean
    Like an escape from reality that crushes
    Some of our dreams
    Are you a log that floats on streams
    Are you the leaves fallen from trees
    Or the dustbin that sits silently
    Who is walking on this path today ?
    Memories or reality

  2. These are just lovely Seth! It seems like you only get better and better as my eyes travel down. I love the pictures of the creek or river, but I also love the last two. I always enjoy the black and white with a bit of color. 😍

  3. “When I realize the face I see in the mirror is not the same face I see in my head.”
    This sentence of yours echoes so much my own feelings. Kind of scary the passing of time, yet it’s our fate on earth and we got to appreciate the ever changing experience as a gift and not a threat.
    Your photos are exquisite and your captions right on.

  4. Your greenly refreshing photos surely capture the spirit of your phrases. Lovely to read and reread in reflecting on your work.

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