The tales of an empty bench


There is something about an empty bench.  They whisper stories of past sitters.  They probe your mind and analyze your brain.  What do they say to you?

34 responses to “The tales of an empty bench

  1. This looks like the perfect spot for long existential conversations, but without support for the back, I guess it’s more a bench for a shorter break, to rest your legs or have your lunch. Every bench is a different story. I’d love to sit down on this one for a moment!

  2. An empty bench, like stars burnt out long ago, like mouths that met for a moment, under the comfort of a night sky.

    I guess it says something like that to me… Thanks for the thoughts,

  3. Their is a place in England where they run week long courses in how to develop Psychic and Mediumship abilities. One of the exercises that they run is having six students leave the room and six different students sit in six chairs. They vacate the chairs after a while and the six students who were asked to wait outside come back in and sit in the chairs and describe the people who sat in them most recently………………… how cool is that. I wonder if it works for park benches?

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