Lilly pad takeover

A secret invasion occurred.  It happened in a remote place called Cowen Lake.  Lilly pads from another dimension warped through time and space to take control this little space of Ohio.  Now it belongs to the frogs, dragonflies, greens, and the yellows.

View from the sidelines

View from the sidelines

Time warp.

The parade.

Tuning in to home.



31 responses to “Lilly pad takeover

  1. Great photos Seth! The same thing happened to the lake behind my mother-in-laws house… weird huh? Lovely for photography though. 😀

  2. Lilly pads, water lillies, nénuphars in my native France, they inspire visual artists and writers alike. This summer, lilly pads seem to be everywhere. Your photos, Seth, are as always superb. My teenage son took a few shots iof our own lilly pads in Maine. Thank you, Seth, for another beautiful photographic series.

      • Since you mentionned your French studies in college I thought you would like to know. I’m glad that it is a new word to add to your vocabulary. It’s funny because most people tell me that many words sound better in French but I love the sound of so many English words, especially when they are pronounced without my French accent!

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