Your Story: Blown

It’s time again for you to write me a story. ย What feelings, thoughts and tales do the following photos evoke in your beautiful minds?


38 responses to “Your Story: Blown

  1. I knew that running through the back field would cut my feet all to pieces, but I forgot my shoes and I really wanted to see that baby fox mama had seen while we were out picking blackberries yesterday. So I went on without my shoes.

  2. First of all let me congratulate you for taking such moody snaps. The photos remind me of a memory which was sweet and hurtful. Sweet enough to let you go through the hurt ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The thistle looked at weed and wondered
    Why are you so many when I am so few?
    Yet when it comes right down to it
    I am a weed too

  4. A Pub Crawl

    Seems like I’ve be on my hands and knees for days…but it’s only been a few hours since I was thrown out. Must of been something someone put into that 7th brandy my mates bought me. Slept against the stone wall of a sheep barn again. Now I have to continue. I have to make it for the first call of that pub I’ve been seeking for so many years. Not everyone can find it, people tell me. You have to be in the proper state of mind, they say.
    Well, I’ve never been in a more proper state of mind than right now.
    What did they put into that brandy?
    All these fields seem the same. Am I crawling in a circle? Someone once told me that you can never walk in a perfectly straight line…one leg is ever so different than the other and that prevents you from keeping totally balanced. Since I’m crawling, maybe the problem is with my knees?
    Hold on. I think I see something in the distance. Yes! I’ve found it.
    The pub of everyone’s dreams. I’m so damn lucky this time. They say the place only appears once every hundred years.
    There it is. “The Thistle”
    And it’s open for business even though it looks dead.

  5. I’ve run and run through the fields the grasses lashing at my legs. I ran till I could run no more. And here I collapsed into the deep arms of mother earth. My breath ragged and my heart about to explode. My head spins as I lay there and feel the intoxication of adrenaline surge through my being. I lay and listen to the wind as it pushes through the grass, in a rush to be somewhere, anywhere it blows by not even giving me a second glance. I lay wrapped in my hiding place a spectator to the world as it passes by. It is quite now , I am quite. Then I begin to notice the life around me. I can hear the birds song drifting over the field sweet and urgent. I notice the beetle bumbling its way through the forest of grass every clod of dirt an obstacle to be over come. Then from far away I hear a familiar voice calling to me and I know soon I must go. So I breathe deep the sweet earthy air and slowly let go.

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