Homearama 2014

Each summer, a parade of newly built homes takes center stage.  We call it Homearama. This year, nine, million dollar homes, made the line-up.  So come with me and let’s take a peek.

Staircase to....

Staircase to….

Perfect nook.

Backyard bliss.

Dry moat.


Lay with me.

Light up my yin-yang.

Ocean breeze.




Backyard camping.

Theme du jour.

My kind of office.

Blue crush.

My own little palace.

Basement basketball anyone?

Angels watching over me.

Smurf with Kermit accents.

My favorite room of the bunch.

Staircase stop off.

Last but not least.

What’s your favorite?

43 responses to “Homearama 2014

  1. Aesthetically beautiful, but I am currently watching homes like these eat a neighborhood of smaller houses and I must say, it’s horrifying. That is to say, I am really torn between appreciation for the design and artistry, and a sickening sinking feeling of waste.

    Your photography, though, is gorgeous as always!

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