Wide open spaces

Come with me to a place where you can stretch out your arms and feel the freedom of space.  On a sunny afternoon we’ll find the oasis in the urban landscape.  Let’s have a picnic. I’ll bring the potato salad and you the meat of your choice.

Follow the line.

Follow the line.

Pick a spot.

Under the bridge?

Or our hidden spot?

We can gaze at the blues in the sky.

Or make creatures out of shadows and clouds.

We’ll sit on the edge of regions.

Discover monuments.

Ones where pigs fly.

We’ll mosey awhile.

Before we drink from granddad fountains.

We’ll enjoy the contrasts of our world.

16 responses to “Wide open spaces

  1. And Californians think they’ve got the best blue skies?
    Also I drove across the bridge that straddles two states. This is a bridge right? Here we can drive for hours and we’re still in California. In the Mid West and on the East Coast, it’s exciting to be in one state one minute and then in another in a blink.
    Just like you write: ‘on the edge of regions.’ Thank you again for the photos and stories behind.

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