Purple People Bridge

The “Purple People Bridge” connects Newport, Kentucky with Cincinnati, Ohio.  It links the South with the North.  Crossing the mighty Ohio river, it only tolerates folks.  No cars allowed.



The Purple People Bridge over the Ohio River.

The “love” locks have made it here too.

The Purple People Bridge

Perfect shadows.

The Purple People Bridge.

Looking South.

The Purple People Bridge over the Ohio River.

Criss cross.

The Purple People Bridge over the Ohio River.

Purple, blue & green.


20 responses to “Purple People Bridge

  1. Love that Bridge, recently took a trip to the Aquarium and walked across. Always fun watching my son look over into the water and him thinking that river is so big. That area and that bridge especially holds a heavy place in my heart.

  2. Pedestrian bridges are rare and must be enjoyed.
    Just curious to know if Cincinnati is also trying to get rid of the ‘love locks’ tradition that Paris tries (unsuccessfully) to do on the Pont des Arts.

    • I hears a story about that the other day on NPR. Sounds horrible. I don’t know if they are trying to get rid of them. It doesn’t seem like there are enough to cause a problem right now.

      • The city of Paris would like to get rid of this tradition that started in the late 90s, early 2000s.
        Most Parisians hate that a lock could represent love. For them love is the opposite of being attached forcibly by a lock.
        Most tourists don’t know that this is a fairly new thing. I heard that when they find about it, they don’t want to add another lock.
        It looks like the locks don’t really damage the bridge.
        Personally I think it is late to change habits and that the locks are here to stay.
        Your bridge is lovely up there.

  3. Beautiful colours in these photos. I really dislike these ‘love locks’ as they spoil the beauty of the bridge ~ maybe I’m just getting old! What do others think?

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