Path of hope

Come with me on a journey down a path lined with the young season’s new hope.  Green and yellow everywhere to be found.  Blue skies accented with white glimmers to be seen.  Little buzzers seeking honey ingredients to be heard.

Don't trip.

Don’t trip.

Let’s roam.


Tree art along the way.

Resting place.

Logged out.

Roll time.

Snake time.




Places never seen.


44 responses to “Path of hope

  1. Awesome pictures Seth….I particularly like the tree art one….visually the composition is wonderful! Thanks so much for all the sharing you do….it is much appreciated…..You do well….Blessings, Barbara xxxx

  2. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I followed your photos in the Philippines which were astounding esp the little girl who was so cute. What camera do you use? Is it still the Nikon D3100?

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