Hanging on

This old farm, once alive with people, animals, and plants, now sits alone, falling and still.  It waits for some new family to come by and save it.  But as each new winter turns into spring, its hope dies a little.  It fears it has been too long.

Looking through history

Looking through history

Projects abandoned.


29 responses to “Hanging on

  1. Seth, Great photos. I am a lover of barns. Spent a lot of time in them as a youth. In our area of Eastern New York State there are many slate roof barns with dark colored slates arranged to show the date of the building’s creation or it’s new roof. Example: 1880 would be centered among the gray tiles. Wish that I had a photo to share, but they are all on Kodachrome slides. Excellent compositions

  2. Like david above says, we all know of a similar barn somewhere in the country. It’s always sad and intriguing, too, to wonder what has happened to the people and animals who once lived there. Nice photos as always, Seth.

  3. Seth, I absolutely love these pictures. Love. More for my collection. “Leaning” speaks to me. You personify the house: it’s “leaning” – and I can see that. The house seems alive the way you’ve captured it. It seems alive but struggling, and pretty soon it’s going to collapse.

  4. Oh! That’s hanging on indeed!
    I hope it’s hope never gets dashed.
    Lovely shots! The old barn really needs a touch up and a new family to warm it up again. It’s gone so cold and lonely. I feel for it.

  5. No barns around here, but there’s one old house that has been vacant for about ten years – as someone painted across its front, a case of Demo by Neglect. It’s too far gone now to be restored but still nothing is done. The old place is just falling apart piece by piece.
    Other houses in the neighbourhood have been left half-demolished. As a safety issue alone it seems crazy to leave them with unstable walls and ceilings – not to mention the busted windows and the glass spread all around.

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