Life is about

Life is about mild Saturdays in early April at a local park.  Life is about wandering through the park without a jacket on for the first time in a long time.  Life is about viewing others’ recycling art and wondering from where these ideas were conceived.  Life is about being with someone you love.

Field goal.

Field goal.


Always color to be found.

The look.

The year was 1887…

The someone.

Whimsical sky.

Cross section.

Layered brick and wood.

Nap time.

Playing god.

The stare down.

Just before or just after?

Pollyana would love this art.

Rusty resuscitations.

Plastic monster.

Playtime has ended.

Guard dog.

29 responses to “Life is about

  1. No walking around without a coat/jacket around. We had a short round of snow this morning to remind us winter isn’t ready just yet.

  2. You are a gifted Photographer! I very much enjoyed your intro. as well. It gave me a strong sense of freedom as well! Thank You!

  3. Beautiful photos as always and I’m going to show my ignorance here – how do you get mainly black and white with just the red door and blue tshirt?
    I love the mosaic picture x

  4. I haven’t been here for awhile and I’m amazed at how our choice of subjects to photograph have overlapped. Yesterday when walking through Chatham I looked up and saw some beautiful detail on buildings that I’m sure most people never notice or at least take for granted. Of course I had to take pictures which I posted yesterday. I’ve also been looking up into the trees and have taken some interesting photos but I haven’t posted those yet. I love your work and you’ve obviously inspired my journey into amateur photography.

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