Pinatubo crater lake

Where once a mountain stood, now a peaceful lake exists.  They say that there was always a crater lake. The mountain rested just above the lake before it was blown off and spread across the land.  It was a rainy and cloudy day when I visited.  The clouds were curious and decided to hang low to see what was going on.

Rainy days and mondays...

Rainy days and mondays…

The road to…



Winds of change.

Down and around.

Full view.

Watch your steps.

Ground view.

Care for a sulfer dip?

Crater’s view.

Goodbye Pinatubo.

38 responses to “Pinatubo crater lake

  1. Could that be real? A mountain blown away! Wow! And then replaced by a lake; another wow!
    It’s just so amazing!
    You’ve always shared lovely concepts with beautiful rendition.
    Welldone and thumbs up!

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