The Trek: Last bit

After an hour into the trek to Pinatubo the landscape changes to a jungle feel.  The last 20 minutes of the walk, just before the crater lake, is mainly uphill and puts most out of breath.  But, for me, it was worth it.

Deep in the forest.

Deep in the forest.

Seth of the Jungle.

A bit north.

Drop off.

Pretty in pink.

Our follower.

Safe distance.


18 responses to “The Trek: Last bit

  1. Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing! Were you able to go out on your own without an escort? My hubby’s been wanting to hike up there but I’ve heard 1) hiking for fun or sport in the Philippines is pretty much unheard of unless you’re a tourist and 2) you usually get a lot of unwanted followers (of not the cute doggie kind).

    • We had an escort. I think you are required to get one. We didn’t have anyone other than pups follow us. We went on a Thursday. It was very quiet. We saw a few other tourists. Friday and Sat are very crowded. You have to take a jeep for 45 minutes prior to the one and a half hour hike.

  2. Love the journey Seth! Very nice, creatively shot photography… and cute dog too. 😀 I love that you took your fans on the journey with you from that angle. Great work!

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