The Trek: Part 2

Once the Jeep portion of the trip to Pinatubo’s crater ended, we were on foot the rest of the way.  It took an hour and half to get to the crater.  Along the way there were some beautiful scenery.  In the first hour of the walk, we saw landscape that looked like a cross between the moon and the grand canyon.  I kept wondering what it was like before the blow up.  How was it different? In two days, the landscape drastically changed.  The walk reminded me of how powerful and beautiful nature is.



Pinatubo pyramid.





Walking partners.


Rest stop.

Nice view.

Art along the way.


Mineral changes.



Red rock.

18 responses to “The Trek: Part 2

  1. Hi Seth- so nice to catch up with you on this adventure! I have been thinking about volcanoes a lot for a bit I’m writing at the moment – but it has taken me ages to actually produce the post. Volcanoes are an overwhelming phenomena of nature I feel a bit intimidated I think. These images are wonderful and so different (of course) from your shots of home. Must be spectacular to be literally at the foot of such a sleeping giant.

  2. I never knew about the “Pinatubo Pyramid”! Beautiful! Also, disregard my question I asked on the last bit of the trip. These last posts answered my question. 🙂

  3. Your knees must have taken a bashing Seth .. up and down and keeping steady so many times taking these low shots . Great pictures !

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