We took a drive to Pundaquit in Zambales.  Pundaquit is a beautiful beach area on the western side of Luzon.  It sits on the South China Sea.  It’s filled with many boats, lively people, and beautiful scenery.

First scene.

First scene.




Morning swim.





Ocean dreaming.


Looking good and feeling fine.

26 responses to “Pundaquit

  1. Nice entry. And your photos are very beautiful. Correction though, the name of the place is Pundaquit and not Pandaquit. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your stay there.

  2. Morning swim is my favorite photo. I love the colorful boats and the children playing nearby. They go so well together. Thank you for sharing slices of your journey with us.

  3. Hi Seth, thank you for showing the world slices of life and the true colors of our islands through your stunning photos captioned by your heartfelt descriptions. hoping that you are indeed having a great time experiencing true Filipino hospitality 🙂 — April

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