A place called Target

There is a place up in the hills, where once American soldiers used to go to for target practice.  Then Pinatubo left its mark and changed it forever.  Now, it’s a place where locals find sugarcane, where livestock roam and where dried lava still reins supreme.

Visions of sweetness.

Visions of sweetness.

Game changer.

Where the road ends.

A bit of green.


Little helpers.

Bath time.

Blowing kisses.

Sugarcane transportation.

Small places.

Looking around.


Tree art.

The road home.

A bit of sanity.


21 responses to “A place called Target

  1. Seth, I thought I had seen some shots from your home town area with a wide angle lens… What about filters? Do you use them? So many great pictures lately, thank you ! I really liked the close ups of the birds a few entries to your blog ago. is there any entries about your process you could re-blog? Just curious, Still a ‘Fan’ !!!

    • Thanks Gregory. I use a wide angle Signma 10-24. 3.5f. I do not normally use filters. I do post process them with Photoshop but only for minor enhancement of color.. etc.

  2. Interesting seeing a different lava landscape to that which we’ve seen recently on Big Island . Super photos Seth .

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