Afternoon walk

A coupe of days ago, I took an afternoon stroll with my mom, dad, American expat friend Cedric, and host’s son Boy-Boy.  There are a panoply of things to see when taking a Filipino neighborhood walk.  Here are a few.

Explosions of color.

Explosions of color.

Tiny things.

Pointy things.

Beautiful eyes.

Creative fences.

Different perspectives.

Mango eaters.

Fairy tales.

Orange transportation.

All lined up.

What to focus on?

Boyboy and Cedric.

Just around.

Fun times.

Community time.

Up in the tree.

A spot of color.

Basketball fun.



Boyboy wishes peace for the world.

Nap time.

Until next time.

44 responses to “Afternoon walk

  1. welcome to the islands, Seth 🙂 your photos are more vivid, it must be the burst of tropical colors… i always love how you caption your photos, i feel your heart imprinted on everyone of them. God bless you and your family 🙂 — April

  2. Beautiful and rich. I like the creative fences. Once when I was going through Tijuana I saw some houses built with car hoods. They were colorful and organic looking.

  3. Wonderful captures of life as it really is. Reminds me of the hutongs in Beijing — small places, many people in the street. And, oh, your excellent photography!!!

  4. I think your photos are getting better all the time. Not to say they weren’t great before, but you really seem to be developing creatively. This is quality work, Seth! Thanks also for the glimpse into another world.

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