Aetas of Calumpang

My first full day in the Philippines was spent with an Aeta tribe.  Chieftain Sevilla and his family are friends of our host Kenneth and his family.  The village consists of 300 families who live closely together in colorfully painted homes.  Most families have pigs, goats, and chicken who either wander around or are tied to a tree.  There are also wild boar who roam in from the mountain and walk in the town.  Some families keep racing pigeons.  They race these pigeons several times a year.  They are warm and welcoming people and It was a pleasure to visit with them and see how they live.

Federico, Chieftain's grandson.

Federico, Chieftain’s grandson.

Chieftain’s pet dog.

New folks!

“Not” a pet pig.

Checking me out.

Main village road.

Village scene.

Secret path.

Socializing with the foreigner.

Snack time.

Making faces.

Brothers and cousins.

Can you find the two foreigners?

Chieftain and his wife.

Village church.

The neighborhood.


Around the corner.

Local resident.

More games.


29 responses to “Aetas of Calumpang

  1. They look nice and welcoming. I like the cheiftain’s dog. Nice-looking. I like the snack display. 🙂

  2. this is excellent Seth! Really like these shots. Which parts of the country will you be visiting?

  3. The photos are as great as your usual shots, but the colors are so different, so vivid, that I have the feeling to discover an entire different body of work. Enjoy your stay.

  4. Since you are in the northern part of Luzon, you might also want to consider traveling all the way up the Ilocos provinces. There are a lot of old churches along the way. I mean, if that’s also sort of your thing. Enjoy your stay in the Philippines!

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