Levy kickoff

I had the pleasure of photographing the Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services’ 2014 Levy kickoff sponsored by People for DD services last night.  The event kick started the awareness for the upcoming levy in May 2014.  Every five years, Hamilton County DDS reaches out to voters in the community for help.  Voters have always responded with a resounding “yes.”  The levy is vital because it funds around 71% of services Hamilton County DDS offers.  It was a great event filled with wonderful people, yummy food, and outstanding entertainment.

One in a million.

One in a million.

Gift bag auctions.


Got eats.

More fixins’.

Large crowd.

Fun times.

Say cheese.



Sign me up.

16 responses to “Levy kickoff

  1. Thank you for sharing!! It is tough to get people to realize the things that people with all types of disabilities go through. You have done a great service for those in need of a little extra assistance!!!!

    Thank you again!!!

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