Your Story: Reflect

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve offered up a Your Story.  I’ve missed reading your thoughts.   This photo was taken a few weeks back.  What do you see? What do you feel?  Tell me.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.


37 responses to “Your Story: Reflect

  1. Our view of the past is distorted by the realities of the present. It is said that the victor gets to rewrite history and so it is with architecture. They have the opportunity to capture the beauty of foundational buildings and retain some of their essence in our modern cities but all too often beauty is rent asunder on the altar of capitalist rationalism which decrees that functionality must reign supreme. Lest this be seen as an assault on architectural integrity it is rather a comment on those who commission new structures and edifices, blinded by primarily economic considerations. We poor wretches are left to shudder at their stultifying crassness. And, considering complicity, should we have a special gallows for city planners and their political masters who demean us all with their pathetic insularity and stodginess?

  2. I stood in front of the artless grey mass in front of me, completed application form ready for submission in hand. A concrete behemoth cold, grey and featureless with people inside whom I had to deal with most likely much the same.

    So fitting a place to have to submit a dull piece of paper which reduced me to little more than a number and a file. So bureaucratic, so governmental, so inflexible and mindless….so fitting.

    I took in the reflection of the historical building across the street and wished so much it could be that one which I had to enter to hand in my application. Warm colours, inspired lines and oh so many stories to tell.

    That old building would make me feel welcomed, not submissive.

  3. With a glance at the window, reflecting the city around her, Alice saw the castle. Quickly she turned. Only the city. Only the passing people, heads down, shoulders stooped. Alice turned back to the reflecting windows. A castle both tall and proud filled the smooth glass surface. This was no looking glass. This was a window. But a window reflecting where? Looking glasses only show you a reflection of what is. A window may reflect for a moment, but ultimately a window always looks out at what will be. Is this a reflection or what will be? Alice hurried along…afraid to go see. She hesitated, stepped back. The castle waited, waving in the reflection. With a sigh and a curse of her damnable curiosity, Alice went to see if what was beyond the window was as wild as what was through the looking glass.

  4. Whether you’re looking in or staring out
    The window reflects an image no doubt
    One side is internal, but barely seen
    The other external, depending on the scene

    From the inside to out, the reflection is there
    Goes mostly unnoticed, thoughts captured elsewhere
    From the outside in, the reflection is clear
    The glass acting like a dazzling mirror

  5. Reflection on reflection, slightly askew. Obviously, we’re not in Kansas anymore, but in some distant land where things aren’t exactly in clear focus. Time to cue the ‘Twilight Zone’ music. 😉

  6. More literal: Some light waves/particles reflecting off a glass surface into the lens of your camera, reproduced as a file uploaded onto your machine and onto mine etc.

    Less literal: An older turreted building with a tower reflected in what looks to be some kind of government window.
    Decent composition (like the squares and rectangles)but maybe intentionally blurry to evoke emotional response/interior state and or ‘reflection.’

    Totally subjective: Later in the afternoon, restless and despondent, the princess was seen pacing between the turrets, her youthful fantasies taking flight like white birds against the sky. Her green gown trailed behind her. We awaited news of her fate long into the night. The King’s body was found under a hay cart. The fires of the camps flickered until dawn.

  7. History got a glimpse of it’s facade from the reflecting pane of a modern built structures..Thought to itself, why do I look distorted on a perfect glass surface..the bird that flew away returned to tell the old structure about the way..light travels and gets confused and the lens pick up an image then refuse to make those straight and clean..a bit hazy is better to see…a new building will not with stand the time..but the historical structures will out live them again..for centuries to come..dry winds or pouring rains.

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