Snow theft-Old dog’s perspective

By Baylee Bowersock-JohnsonPet loveI have to tell y’all something.  I’m an old dog. I’ve seen a lot of things in my time.  So you can trust me when I tell you that Jackson ain’t doing so well with this snow theft thingy.

I was like “What?” When he told me.  At first I thought he was yanking my chain.  But when I finally made it to the door, it takes me some time now with my hip and all, I realized he was howling some truth.

So I tried to comfort him.  I herded him to his appropriate spot downstairs and told him not to worry.  It would all be okay.

I told him that he could trust me.  It’s Ohio and this sort of thing happens sometimes.

The little dude went bat-#*&# crazy! I was like “My nerves son, my nerves.”  He still hasn’t settled down.  So I’m praying to you snow god, for my sanity, give us some snow back.


34 responses to “Snow theft-Old dog’s perspective

    • So comfort for Baylee means making sure he and everything downstairs is in it’s appropriate place. She is a herd dog. Comfort for Jackson means not being herded. 😉

    • Nah… I don’t mind as long as they get the roads clean fairly fast. I’ve been bored lately because it’s so dull around here right now without the snow. We are in the blah period. I may be in your hemisphere in March. My parents are doing another mission trip to the Philippines and since I am not working right now, have offered to pay for me to go and photograph their shenanigans while I am there. I haven’t been there since 1993 and they say a lot has changed. I might just do it.

  1. Aw, what a handsome dog and old dogs are so comforting. All we have left are the young ones, kinda like having kids around the house again – too much energy!

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