Snow theft!

By Jackson Bowersock-JohnsonDSC_0005So I get up this morning and looked out the window.  I was like “What-the what? Where did all the snow go?”

I cried out in agony “No snow gods! Why has thou taken all of my snow?”  I hurried back to the door, knowing the snow gods would realize their mistake and place the snow back.

Uh, wrong!

So I got on my paws and prayed. “Dear snow gods, please return my snow.”

I ran to the TV and flipped it to the new Dog Channel on DirectTv knowing that there must be special coverage.  Sure enough, a dog treat bulletin was flashing at the bottom of the screen.   Apparently a Texas hooker had stolen all the snow.

Mean Texas hooker!

51 responses to “Snow theft!

  1. Ahhh Jackson you are a handsome pooch!! My Boo Bear would love to play with you in the snow! Bear loves the snow too lots!! You are so photogenic!! Tell your papa thanks for sharing your awesome pics with us!! Love sent from Oregon! Sending snow prayers your way, but I bet your papa is ready for summer!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

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