I visited a good friend of mine tonight.  I met her new kitty Loki for the first time.  He was nice enough to pose for a few shots.  He’s a friendly feline; eager to nestle up in your lap or play a cat chase game with you.  And he has the most beautiful eyes.



Ready to play!


Sleepy time.

46 responses to “Loki

  1. These are great. I almost asked how you got photos of my kitten, until I looked at Loki’s face, which is distinctly male. Their eye color is very similar though. She, on the other hand, will not model for the camera.

  2. That’s my little fur baby! He did give you his “no paparazzo” look in the last one though! Beautiful pics of my little bubby!

  3. Great shots, Seth, of a beautiful kitten!! You picked all the best backdrops to accentuate Loki’s jet black fur and golden eyes…or did he choose the spots?!?!

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