Ice can’t stop me

The creek runs.  It moves forward.  It’s tenacious.  The cold, even bitter, can not harness the rushing water.



Busting out.

Care for a dip?

It still flows.

Drinking spot.


Tree Cryogenics.

Halls Creek.

Last stop.

Halls Creek Preserve- Warren County, Ohio, near Morrow.

27 responses to “Ice can’t stop me

  1. Gorgeous ice pics! I can’t imagine how people can endure polar plunges! No dipping in the ice for this girl! Tee hee! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  2. Love the pictures! That snow just looks so “Innocent” and yet if I was out there I’d have a red nose (like rudolph) and my hands and feet would be freezing… LOL. I think Ga. girls must have thin blood.

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