Worth it?

Todd and I spent a couple of hours in a dark car, with freezing temperatures and creepy sounds to capture the following picture.  Was it worth it?

Halls Creek at night.

Halls Creek at night.

Click on the photo for a bigger view.

Nikon D5200: 30 minute shutter: F/3.5: ISO 100

93 responses to “Worth it?

  1. Starlight, starbright, I am sorry you were scared that night
    I am sorry you were cold but you were so bold
    and brave
    and you gave
    us beauty and pleasure
    in such a good measure
    Thank you, it is amazing to see the stars like that.
    For you both…I take off my hat 🙂

  2. Star trails! I’ve seen the photos of others and they are always breathtaking (as is your image). I’ve read about the technique, but never tried it myself. Perhaps I will, when the weather is a bit warmer.

    • Mike- There are two ways you can do it. One is to take a bunch of photos over a long period of time and then merge them together using Photoshop or other similar programs. The other is to leave your shutter open for an extended period of time. The longer its open, then longer the trail. My camera only allows a 30 minute shutter. Some of the fantastic photos online are of 130 or 180 minutes. I’d have to get a more expensive camera to do that. My camera takes equal amount of time to process the photo. So this picture took 30 minutes to capture and 30 minutes to process. And if something is not right then you’ve waisted an hour. 🙂 I would prefer a warmer night too but in the summer the foliage would block most of the sky.

  3. I always enjoy looking at your photos. I don’t always comment, but I had to stop by and say great pic and definitely well worth the wait. By George, you do have patience.

  4. Great shot! Unfortunately my wife won’t let me out at night. She says an old guy out with a camera at night is just wrong!

  5. Did you have any issues with your battery and the cold? Last time I tried a long exposure like that in winter, I had trouble keeping my battery charged.

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