Stare down

If you’ve followed my blog for a bit, you’ll know that I anthropomorphize quite a bit.  Inanimate objects, in my mind, have personalities and feelings.  They talk to each other and to us.  One only has to take the time to look in order to hear and truly see them.

The Great American Tower, the newest kid on the block, likes to remind all the other buildings, he is king.   Being the tallest, he is constantly looking down on the other buildings.  His favorite thing to do is a stare down with the older buildings in town.  Annoyed by his childish games, they try to ignore him.  However, once being the king themselves, they are drawn into the silent battle and compelled by inner childhood memories to teach this whippersnapper a lesson.

The dare.

The dare.


Always looking down or up.

The game of the ages.

I am still the king.

17 responses to “Stare down

  1. Beautiful shots!
    I love the personification in your description.
    These tall buildings really seem to be comparing each other.
    I can feel the intimidation and humbling effects of the height.
    Another lovely post as always.

  2. Really love this whole personafication.. like me, i always talk to everything.. having soul being put in those animate or unanimate things.. like they also have mind and feeling of their own. 😉

  3. At least half the joy of following your blog is the way you anthropomorphize things — it adds so much to your photography, it elevates your blog from being ‘just another blog with photos”. The other half, is, of course, your great photos.

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