The Church on Sycamore Street

Since 1861, St. Xavier Church in downtown Cincinnati has been the heart of Catholic life in these parts.  Conceived in 1856 and raised between 1858-1861, the church has stood strong and endured good and bad times.  Almost destroyed by fire in 1882, the church bounced back and still stands proud today.  This magnificent church has been seen by many eyes, and captured by many mediums.  I am lucky to have been one of them.  (Click on a photo for a much larger view)





Not alone anymore.


Up close and personal.


Have you the time?




Not aligned.


Another day.

Come visit.

Come visit.

31 responses to “The Church on Sycamore Street

  1. I posted a link to this post, Details In The City and your main page to a group I am in about Architecture. I know your photography spans a broad spectrum, but whether you know it or not you do a superb job in capturing architectural details. 🙂

  2. My church celebrated it’s 175th anniversary last year. It’s a beautiful little church that sits on the banks of the Delaware River. As you walk out the front door, you can see the river and the state of PA on the other side. The churched burned down at some point and was rebuilt. I love going there. Christmas Eve services are especially moving.

  3. Nice snaps, following tour tradition, you hace quite a zoom and you know how to use it. Which magnification hace you used? (mm or x). Judging from the image quality, it seems a dslr, so it must be heavy to carey around

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